Corona- and houserules Festival Downtown 2021

We’re psyched to be allowed to organize Festival Downtown. We do however believe the safety of our visitors is very important. For that reason, we will obey the Dutch government Corona-rules

Summed up:

  • Festival Downtown 2021 will take place at one location; Willemskade, next to Erasmus Bridge.
  • Visitors must obtain a ticket
  • To enter the festival, you’ll have to show us your corona-pass. For this you’ll need a negative test, proof of vaccination or proof of corona-recovery. The easiest way for this is to show us your Corona Check App.
  • Apart from this we’ll ask you if you have any (health)symptoms that could suggest you have corona. If you, or we have any doubts on this matter, we will have to deny you acces to the festival. We’ll ask you to contact the GGD and we’ll let the GGD know ourselves.
  • Once checked, you’re all good won’t need to keep (1,5 m) distance.
  • There is not a fixed seating situation on the festival
  • Max capacity is set for 1.500 visitors
  • We register all visitors through their tickets
  • We strongly advise all visitors to take a corona(self)-test 5 days after the festival

Keep these measures in mind:
Stay home if you have any symptoms.
Wash your hands frequently. There is a handwashunit next to the toilets.
There is handgel available for all visitors next to the entrance, bar, foodtrucks and toilets. For crew and artists there is handgel available backstage.

General houserules

In case of any doubt or discussion, festivalorganization will have final say.

By buying an entrance ticket and/or entering the festival the visitor accepts the festival-houserules.
Festival Downtown reserves the right to re-evaluate these houserules.
Infringement of these rules might lead to denial of entrance to the festival without any restitution.

Own risk/ liability
Entering then festival is at your own risk. Festival Downtown doesn’t accept any liability for any injuries like hearing damage, visual disturbance or any form of physical disorder.

Entranceticket and general entrance
Entrance tot the festival is granted by show of a valid entrance ticket cobined with a valid ID ( driverslicence, pasport or ID-Card).

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