Friday - WORM

Panda Lassow

Annika Wetzko AKA Panda Lassow isone of the multi-talented musicalcreatives the Greater Dresden (DE)area has to offer. After living 11 yearsin Rotterdam (NL), she now returnedto the place where everything started.She DJs, produces, runs the labelsANUS Records and LES CIDRES,organised The Beatmakers Union, hasbeen a resident at Red Light RadioAmsterdam for 8 years and since thisyear she hosts her new 4-weeklyshow called Endlich Wochenende onthe new launched radio stationEchobox in Amsterdam. She is alsobroadcasting a sister radio show livein-between from the Fat Fendersrecord store in Dresden where people can come along and network with the scene.Listening to Panda Lassow always is like going on a journey for explorations – electronicmusic from all over the world with an affinity to dances, rhythmic structures and mentalexplosions

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